National Family Civil Rights Center
"The National Family Civil Rights Center is the only national non-profit social welfare organization solely focused on protecting and enhancing the civil rights of parents, children and families in government and our legal system."

Benjamin J. Ashmore, Sr.
Chairman of the Board & Founder

Douglas J. Callahan, Esq.
Secretary & Member; Board of Directors

Stacey L. Schrager
Treasurer & Member; Board of Directors
Our mission:
NFCRC is committed to enhancing and protecting the civil rights of families.  These rights include equal protection in the law, fundamentally fair proceedings in the courts and open accessibility to legal and government processes which impact the lives of parents and children in every type of family.

Our vision:
We believe society is best served when the interests of families serve as the foundation of all laws and public policy decisions.  We seek to shape policy and and the law in areas which affect the liberty interests of all families.  We accomplish this through aggressive advocacy and litigation.  

Our Issues:
focuses on a range of issues where the liberty interests of the family intersect with public policy and the courts.  This includes traditional family law topics in adoption, custody, matrimonial and juvenile proceedings as well as access to affordable housing, quality education, clean environments, and family-focused economic decisions.

Our History:
NFCRC was incorporated as a national 501(c)4 in 2012 out of our founders' shared experiences in civil rights issues which deeply impacted their families.  We found many national civil rights groups of all political persuasions fiercely and commendably working to shape public policy and the courts on a myriad of issues that involve important family issues--from religious freedom, to gay marriage, adoption rights to education issues.  However, these organizations all too often only took up family issues as part of other, broader agendas leaving families without an organization committed only to family issues. 
We founded the NFCRC upon the belief that in the 21st century, our families, which come in all shapes and forms, deserve a strong voice to protect the liberty interests of children and parents.

Contact NFCRC:

(800) 385-0601  (phone)
(202) 640-4433  (fax)

Washington D.C. Office:

Evening Star Building
1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 6th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20004

New York Office

77 Water Street, 8th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10005