National Family Civil Rights Center
NFCRC - March 5, 2015
New York, New York

Today, the National Family Civil Rights Center filed an amicus curiae [friend of the court] brief supporting the petitioners in the consolidated same-sex marriage cases to be decided by the United States Supreme Court.

NFCRC: "[The] refusal to deny marriage to adults based on their constitutionally-protected sexual orientation obviously has ramifications far beyond just marriage licenses and instead, as so many federal courts have recognized, touches upon every aspect of domestic relations laws: marriage, divorce, child custody, and so much more.  Thus, this denial of the oldest and most fundamental liberty interests implicating the family is not just humiliation [as the Court noted in Windsor], but the deprivation of the rights that affect the most vunerable, the children being raised in intact, same-sex unions, and the children who have been brought into these unions.
Moreover, many same-sex citizens in these states would be considered legally married, if they were not a same-sex couple, because they possess valid marriage licenses from other states.  As such, they are being discriminated against precisely and only because of their constitutionally-protected sexual orientation, which is every bit offensive as if their marriage certificate was subject to strict scrutiny and validity upon some other constitutionally-protected factor, such as their religion, age and ability to conceive or bear children, or their race.

Furthermore, it is readily obvious that the discrimination against the parties in these cases, extends to the children in those families, who are being punished by the choices and sexual orientation of their parents over which they have no control."

NFCRC's amicus brief can be downloaded from from this link, which opens in a separate window

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