National Family Civil Rights Center
"The liberty interest in [the] family has its source, and its contours are ordinarily to be sought, not in state law, but in intrinsic human rights, as they have been understood in this Nation's history and tradition." - U.S. Supreme Court (1977)
NFCRC Amicus Curiae Working Group:

The National Family Civil Rights Center works to protect the  rights of parents and children in all types of families by filing friend of the court (amicus curiae) briefs in federal and state appellate courts.  In cases that significantly and broadly impact the civil rights of families, which are consistent with
NFCRC's mission and vision, the NFCRC will file its own briefs and/or join as co-amici the briefs of other organizations. 
To solicit NFCRC's amicus participation, please complete the below form and return it, together with the required attachments, to

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NFCRC does not represent individual litigants at trial or hearing stages.  There are however many local resources if you need immediate legal help.  Please visit to find local legal resources in your state.

With neither endorsement or approval, NFCRC presents the following helpful links. From these organizations, you may find valuable resources.  Please check back frequently as this list often changes.

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